Boat Trailer Winch
A manual boat trailer winch makes retrieval, easier and safer with a line pull capacity of 600 - 3,700 lbs.

Constructed in a heavy-gauge steel with a corrosion-resistant finish, a solid gear construction, and a large handle (8 - 10 inches) allows for increased leverage, with more pull, while putting in less effort. A strap can measure 21' - 30', in a water-resistant nylon material, often 2-inches in width.

Hand crank winches can offer more than one speed, with a fast speed for a quick pull in, or a low speed to allow for an increase in mechanical grip and advantage - all to be operated with a simple gear system to be slide into the desired position. Gears in a high carbon steel offer long-term durability and strength.

All trailer winches offers a durable build, often able to resist rust, chemical corrosion, abrasion, Boat Trailer Winchimpact, salt spray and all other elements that come with a saltwater environment. A winch offers ease in mounting, with a quick mount kit, and holes pre-drilled.

A hand winch relies on a boat owner using brute force to crank or pull the weight of a watercraft, while an easily operated boat trailer electric winch is able to offer a smooth pulling action and quiet operation at the press of a button. Electric winches can hook up to all 12 v truck or auto batteries in minutes, with a galvanized cable, weather-resistant housing, and clutch control. Pull capacity can reach 11,500 lbs / 30' in length. In case of power failure or emergency, these winches can be fitted with a hand crank.

Manuel or powered trailer winches offer a single-handed and easier solution for loading and unloading a boat on or off a trailer without a need to call for assistance or to over exert yourself after a pleasurable day out on the lake.



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