Electric Trailer Jack
An electric trailer jack offers effortless operation in trailer hook-up with the convenience of push button control.

Height lift travel, weight capacities, and anti-corrosive finishes are all features to a high-quality marine jack.

Electric jacks for trailer eliminate all physical exertion that often comes with cranking a boats trailer up or down. It is a simple case of positioning the jack in the ideal position, and pressing a button to effortlessly lower a trailer with precise control.

Constructed to offer durability, and a solid, consistent performance, all without being effected by weather variations. A trailer jack is self-lubricated to provide a constant ease in movement, with all metal gear / motor housing, tough steel gears, for trouble-free use even in the often-punishing marine conditions. All mechanical features are weather-proof sealed to protect motor, screws, and gears.

Electric trailer jacks also come equipped with a crank handle for manual override, ideal in an emergency, if a battery is flat, or in storage out of the unit.

Features to an electric trailer jack include - a rugged 12V DC motor powered, 13 - 15-inch travel lift, manual override, 1000 - 2500 lbs lift capacity, weather resistant, detachable footpad, and permanently lubricated. Jacks come compete with all hardware, mounting bracket, caster wheel, and emergency crank handle.

For nighttime hook-up it is often a possibility to attach a 12 v light to the A frame to light up the area for ease in hitching or un-hitching after dark. And the ideal boat trailer jack is determined on frame size and tongue weight of trailer.

An electric boat trailer jack offers hassle-free operation to quickly and effortlessly position a trailer, without a need to hand-crank a trailer up or down. All at an economical price to offer convenience and quality at just a flip of a switch.


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