Boat Trailer Dolly
Eliminate the strain of moving a small trailer sailor, jet-ski, or runabout with the convenience of a boat trailer dolly.

Constructed in all steel with a corrosion-resistant coating to offer a rugged and durable build, and able to contend with the often-punishing marine environment. Offering ease in maneuverability and stability, with non-slip handles, to offer ease in control, grip, and movement.

A heavy-duty trailer dolly is often able to shift 600lbs with ease, even over most rough terrains. All riding on sturdy, 10 x 3" pneumatic tires to cushion a load, with a handle length of 49 inches (ideal leverage for ease in pick-up), and these dollies weigh in the region of 18 - 30 lbs. A boat launching dolly is intended to be pulled by hand, and not suited to other purposes, such as towing behind a vehicle

A lightweight boat cart or carrier in aluminum is a perfect solution for transporting a paddling machine, such as a canoe or kayak down to the water fast and easy. Able to traverse rough terrain (gravel, grass, or on pavement), equipped with heavy-duty wheels, and offers excellent durability and strength. A lot of the utility dollies are able to adapt to working with a boat, ATV, camper, jet-ski or snowmobile.

An alternative to the exhaustions of hauling manually, is a gas-powered or electric boat trailer dolly, which offer ease in use, extremely reliable, and affordable. Trying out one of these dollies Boat Trailer Dollymight be the ideal solution to shifting a heavy load with ease.

Avoid dollies with plastic wheels (similar to those seen on a lawnmower) as these aren't up to taking a heavy-load, and are unable to offer the footprint and load bearing weight that's often seen with a set of rugged, pneumatic wheels. In addition, not all dollies are up to the task of shifting a heavy-duty, dual axle trailer and might be more adapt at turning a small, lightweight trailer.

Boat trailer dollies are convenient tools for allowing ease in maneuverability in close quarters for a small boat, PWC, or cargo trailer. Save an aching back or legs with a heavy-duty dolly for ease in storing a rig in a tight spot, so its does not call on maneuvering a SUV into a small space.


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