Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats
Sea Eagle manufactures a series of Inflatable Boats, Inflatable Kayaks and Inflatable Accessories for Water-sport, Fishing and Recreational activities.

The Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats are split into the following categories: Explorer Kayaks - FoldCats - Frameless Pontoon Boat - LongBoard - Fishing Boats - Paddleski - SailCat - Sport Kayaks - Sport Runabouts - Yacht Tenders

FoldCat Pro Angler - series consists of the 375fc and 440fc models. FoldCat pontoons feature a unique folding frame design that can be assembled and inflated in 5 minutes by a single fisherman, with the 16" pontoons giving incredible stability, and a capacity for 2 adults on the 375fc FoldCat or 4 persons on the 440fc FoldCat.

• 285 fpb Frameless Pontoon Boat - a lightweight, rugged, and offers ease-in-portability to catch fish on inland bays, wilderness rivers, remote ponds, or saltwater flats. The Sea Eagle 285fpb weights in at just 42lbs - can be packed away in a small sack, with an option to mount a 3hp (maximum) outboard motor, and measures in at 9ft.

• Sport Kayaks - consists of the SE 330 and SE 370. The Sea Eagle 330 is a versatile and fun inflatable canoe, built in a rugged PolyKrylar material with I-beam construction floor for extra rigidity, packs down into a small storage bag after use, and states an assembly time of 6 to 8 minute.

• Motormount Boats - offers a perfect fishing set-up and consists of the SE 8, SE 9 and 124smb models. The 124 Super Motor Mount Boat delivers a durable, and spacious fishing platform, weighs in at just 95lbs, offers ease in portability, with a inflation & assembly time of 15 minutes, and great with small electric or gas motors.

• Explorer Kayaks - can traverse miles of wilderness rivers or fearlessly tackle Class IV rapids and consists of the 340x, 380x, and 420x models. The 380x Explorer is a all-round, versatile kayak, with a capacity to hold one person plus acres of gear or two passengers with gear for several days, measures in at 376cm x 95cm, and has a 8 minute inflation time.

• Sport Runabouts - features the 9.2SR, 10.6SR, 10.6 SR RIK, 12.6 SR and 14SR. The 12.6 SR Sport-Runabout is a mid-size Inflatable Boat, with a 7" inflatable keel to cut through chop, so easy to handle rough sea, and at 152lbs it can be transported on a SUV without needing a trailer.

• Yacht Tenders - consists of the 8.10 yt. The 8.10 yt Yacht Tender offers ease in boarding, stability and buoyancy, with a dependable 1000 denier construction, weighs in at 59lbs, so can be packed-down in a convenient, small package, and states a 5 - 7 minutes inflation and assembly time.

• Sea Eagle PaddleSki - features the 395ps and 435ps models. The unique Catamaran - Kayakdesign offers a versatile performance with a choice of Paddling - Motoring - Rowing - Sailing - or Fishing with the optional PaddleSki Fishing Seat rig.

• SailCat series - consists of the Sea Eagle SeaCat14sc - a simple and fun inflatable sailboat to operate by families and beginners, with its simple to operate rig design, folding frame, weighs in at 97lbs so easy to transport, and has a capacity to hold 4 persons.

• LongBoard - features the LongBoard 11, which allows a paddler to stand-up or sit down and paddle in comfort with a double end kayak paddle, measures in at 11', and holds 1 adult, with a 4 minute assembly time.

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