Marine Barometer
Having an accurate marine barometer on board which can be depended upon is often essential out in the open waters.

Barometers fit for sea are waterproof, temperature, and pressure tested to enable it to live up to expectations of the tough outdoor conditions. And often mounted on a gimbal to remain upright no matter the conditions. These instruments display temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, relative humidity and air pressure.

And it’s often a choice of a dedicated barometer model to a selection of combo clock, Marine Barometerbarometer, and hygrometer units. Often craft in a heavy sand casted brass, polished to a high standard, and than protected with a lacquer coating.

Present-day manufactures of barometers consist of -

Weems & Plath manufacture a complete line of precision marine navigation instruments and products for a pleasure boater, cruiser and serious yacht racer as well as commercial vessels. Collection of navigation tools on offer include - Ships Bell Clocks - Time & Tide Clocks - Quartz Clocks and Barometers (with high altitude models available). Official site:


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